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Teckro partner with the ISE programme

Teckro Announces Strategic Partnership with the University of Limerick to Expand Ireland’s Technology Talent Pool UL’s Immersive Software Engineering program gives students access to hands-on

ISE meets the Rent The Runway team In 2009, Rent the Runway disrupted the trillion-dollar fashion industry and changed the way women get dressed forever by pioneering the ‘Closet in the

Video of when ISE meet Keeper Solutions

ISE meet with the Keeper Solutions team Imagine learning in a company spanning FinTech, MedTech, CleanTech, and AgTech at the same time. The kind of company where you build a mobile

TECs Awards on RTE News

Inaugural TECS awards ceremony 2021 The inaugural TECS awards ceremony at the University of Limerick has recognised a high achieving group of future young creators. John Collison of Stripe,


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