ISE meet with the Keeper Solutions team

Imagine learning in a company spanning FinTech, MedTech, CleanTech, and AgTech at the same time.

The kind of company where you build a mobile app to help farmers in the United States use fewer herbicides and pesticides, where you build patient-centred processes to help doctors streamline their administration, where you build a digital bank for Nigeria and Kenya.

This is Keeper Solutions, an innovative company based in the MidWest of Ireland with offices across Europe. Keeper Solutions have the ability to change markets, and we are thrilled they will be bringing their expertise to ISE.

ISE students will have the opportunity for paid placements we call residencies within Keeper Solutions, and Stephen and his team will be advising us on how best to shape the experience for ISE students while on residency. We are really looking forward to September 2022 and the first intake of ISE students.

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