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Transform computer science education and research

The Immersive Software Engineering (ISE) Global Fellowship Programme is an exciting collaboration between the University of Limerick (UL) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). This long-term fellowship programme will help transform computer science education and research by attracting leaders at all career levels from industry and academia to UL’s pioneering new course.

The ISE global fellowships is a highly competitive and prestigious software engineering award. UL will appoint Junior and Senior Fellows representing a variety of backgrounds, genders, expertise, and geographies, and each Fellow will have the chance to spend between three weeks and six months inspiring ISE’s students, supporting ISE’s researchers, and engaging ISE’s growing coalition of industry partners.

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About the Fellowship programme

What we are doing at ISE with AWS is fundamentally different.
The Fellowship programme will dramatically and positively benefit the entire ISE ecosystem, especially the education of ISE students and the depth and reach of our research. The medium to long term impact of this global network will be a game changer.

We want the top experts from Academia, Research Institutions and Industry for fellowships of 3 weeks to 6 months.

What is expected of ISE Fellows:

  • Fit with ISE’s contents in education, research
  • Plan it with us: co-design the best way to spend your time 
  • Middle-long term effects (projects, papers & collaborations)
  • Lots of visibility including press, talks & seminars

Our current AWS Fellows

Dr. Peter Hoefner

Associate Professor at the Australian National University (ANU)

Dr Peter Höfner is an Associate Professor at the Australian National University (ANU)
Dr Peter Höfner is an Associate Professor at the Australian National University (ANU). Before joining ANU, he was
employed as Principal Research Scientist at Data61, CSIRO, Australia’s counterpart to Lero. As AWS global fellow he teaches students foundations and tools to improve the way real-world software systems are built and engineered, with their trustworthiness assured to the highest degree possible – the certainty of mathematical proof.

Dr. Florenc Demrozi

Associate Professor at the University of Stavanger (UiS)

Headshot of Dr. Florenc Demrozi

As AWS global fellow, he covers the data analytics module “from data source to intelligence” providing basic knowledge on time series exploratory data analysis with hands-on experience with dedicated programming libraries and physical devices.

Dr. Matteo Sacchet

Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Turin

Dr. Matteo Sacchet holds a PhD in Mathematics. His main interest is teaching and learning Mathematics and STEM disciplines using innovative methodologies, integrated in a Digital Learning Environment. He is a member of the DELTA (Digital Education for Learning and Teaching Advances) Research Group. As AWS global fellow he teaches students to mathematically approach problems, to view mathematics behind common real-life phenomena and to interpret models that describe our complex world.

Limerick - Your new home

Limerick was established in 922 AD, and is now viewed as Ireland’s cultural, artistic, and most recently, digital hub, as it hosts a wealth of industry players and innovators in the technology space. It is also a key contributor to theatre, literature, comedy and the visual arts. Limerick lies on the River Shannon in the centre of Ireland’s MidWest Region. The city is immersed in history, yet is becoming known as much for its dining scene and street art as it is for its castles, cathedrals and museums. Limerick is also part of a major EU funding initiative to become a ‘smart city’ in an effort to build a sustainable region where digital technologies improve quality of life, empower communities and enable economic growth. The Limerick senior men’s hurlers are the current All Ireland Hurling Champions after winning their third title in a row against Kilkenny.

UL - Your new workplace

The University of Limerick (UL map) campus is located on the banks of the River Shannon and enjoys an unspoiled natural environment blended with state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities. With close to 16,500 students, including more than 2,000 international students each year, UL is a young and enterprising university with a proud record of innovation in education and scholarship. A survey of Irish students recently voted UL Ireland’s most popular university with a satisfaction rating of 85%.With strong links to business and industry, UL excels at translational research which aims to accelerate the practical application of academic research to benefit society. UL houses some of the most innovative and successful research centres in Ireland. Cafes, restaurants, student and faculty accommodation options and a range of on-campus facilities provide an outstanding student experience and a stimulating working environment. 

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